Skin Care 101, Entry 3

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           I believe it was famed makeup artist, Kevyn Aucoin, who said (I’m paraphrasing here): “It doesn’t matter how great or expensive your make-up is … If you don’t have good skin underneath of it, it won’t matter.”  I can’t tell you how much I agree with this statement.  Great make-up looks great on great skin.  Great make-up on skin that is not taken care of will look like a great cover up.  With this said, here are my skin care tips: cleanse/exfoliate, tone & (my most important) HYDRATE!  Let’s explore each step …

            I think everyone knows that the first rule to great skin care is to cleanse your skin twice a day, but especially before bed.  You’ll want to use a gentle cleanser that removes make-up and impurities.  I am currently using the Kardashian Sisters’ skin care line called “Perfect Skin.”  I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised with the line.  I wanted to try it, but wasn’t sure if it would be good.  I am here to tell you that their line, in conjunction with other things I do, seems to work well.  The first step in the Sisters’ line is to cleanse/exfoliate with the all-in-one cleanser. The cleanser is great for all skin types and is very gentle.  Their kit provides you with mini facial exfoliating pads to exfoliate/cleanse with (you can use the cleanser as an exfoliater with the pads – in this line, the cleanser and exfoliater are one and the same). 

            After I cleanse/exfoliate with the “Perfect Skin” cleanser, I usually wash my face with Bliss’ No Zit Sherlock Cleanser/Toner. I LOVE this gentle cleanser not only because it contains salicylic acid to combat breakouts, but also because it contains probiotics to “boost skin’s natural defenses against bacteria.”  It’s the only cleanser I’ve found that contains probiotics, which is pretty cool.  I use this cleanser in addition to the other cleanser because I am pretty sure that at times I have oily skin (even though a facialist once told me I have “normal” skin). 

            So after the cleansing, comes the toning.  The Perfect Skin line comes with a toner to use for step number 2.  I like this toner a lot because you spritz it on – no cotton balls necessary!  I’ve used a lot of different toners through the years; from the toner that accompanied the Proactiv kit to Avalon Organics Lavender Toner, I’ve tried it all.  As long as the toner you choose is refreshing and not abrasive for your skin type, then you have a wide variety of choices. So have fun choosing one that’s right for you!

            The next step to great skin care is to hydrate your skin.  For me, this is the most important step.  Every time I’ve gotten a facial, the one bit of advice I’ve gotten was to hydrate my skin more.  I used to use Phytomer’s Hydracontinue Hydra-Nourishing Serum.  This is a really lovely, light-weight hydrator (it is not a moisturizer – I hardly use moisturizer – only occasionally in the winter, as my skin is very sensitive).  The only issue with this hydrator is that it is pricey; it runs between $50-$60.  It does last a while, so it is worth the money in my opinion.  But, because I haven’t wanted to spend the money, and because I got a free trial tube, I’ve currently been using Amarte’s Aqua Veil.  When I looked it up, I noticed it goes for $42; not much cheaper than the Phytomer.  But, if you want to save a few bucks, Amarte’s hydrator is very nice and light-weight.  I also like that it is made of natural herbs. 

            After cleansing/exfoliating, toning, and hydrating, I usually use a little under eye cream to help reduce dark under eye circles.  The under eye cream that comes with the Perfect Skin line is nice.  But, the best under eye cream I’ve ever used is again by Phytomer.  Phytomer’s Expertise Age Contour Intense Youth Eye Cream is amazing but very pricey at $77!  If you can swing it, get it because it really does help reduce dark circles.  I occasionally will also use a face mask (once/week).  The mask that comes with the Perfect Skin line is really great and firming.  After all the above-mentioned steps, THEN it’s time for make-up.  And make-up is a whole other blog in and of itself!!! 



Ange’s 5 “Must Haves” for Spring / Summer 2011, Entry 2

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             Number 1:  Maxis, maxis maxis are BACK!  These long, comfy dresses are back gals!  From bright colored maxis to printed maxis, these dresses are great for both spring and summer.  I love maxis that are made of jersey material. I love the stretchy, light-weight, casual feel of a jersey maxi dress.  They are great to wear out to dinner in the summer or to the beach as a bathing suit cover up.  H&M has a ton of maxis right now – from floral ones, to stretchy, bright colored ones, you can never go wrong with a maxi that is only $12.95!  Here’s a link to one of my favorite H&M maxis:  It’s fun, bright, and most importantly, it’s cheap!

            Number 2:  Cat’s Eye Sunglasses are in girls!!!  The fun shape of the cat’s eye sunglasses is sure to spice up the spring/summer season. These glasses are perfect for those chicas who have oval-shaped faces because they focus the attention on the cheek bones.  These are a great pair:  Or, if you’re looking for a brown (not black) pair, these are a great option:  I love these so much that I asked for them for my birthday!  One caution with the cat’s eye sunnies: be sure to NOT pick a pair with too big a lens – that could be too distracting. You want the cat’s eye points to be subtle, not too obvious. 

            Number 3:  Neon accessories seem to really be in for this spring/summer.  Neon bags and purses, as well as scarves, are everywhere!  Again, a bit of advice here, if you do a neon accessory, make sure that it’s just that, an accessory and not a whole look.  For example, do jeans and a simpler top with a bright neon bag.  I love Rebecca Minkoff’s neon purses.  I got my neon pink Rebecca Minkoff purse from Nordstrom. 

            Number 4:  Eyelet shorts – yes, shorts – are being shown and are a favorite of celeb stylist, Rachel Zoe!  I LOVE these:   Eyelet is STILL in and I love that eyelet shorts are in because normally you see eyelet on dresses.  Have fun with this trend!

            Number 5:  The Nude Shoe is all the rage!!! I am going to devote a whole blog to the nude shoe, but I had to mention it, as it is certainly a spring trend.  I see tons of celebs rocking the nude shoe and I love it.  Of course, these would be amazing to own:  But, let’s get real, we’re in the middle of some tough times!  These ‘Pour la Victoire’ slingbacks are a great substitute:   I am really starting to like this up and coming brand and I am doing research on the designers – more info to come – but I do know that the Pour la Victoire brand is related to the Sam Edelman brand.  Both are more affordable than the (fabulous) Jimmy Choo!

            I hope you’ve enjoy my “must have” list!  If you’re looking for some new nail polish to go with any of these looks, check out OPI’s “suzi says feng shui.”  It’s a great blue color that is perfect for the spring.  Pink polishes and various shades of pinks are being shown as well.  Happy Spring/Summer!




First Impressions

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This past week I had to do my civic duty and participate in jury duty.  This was the first time that I was called and I was not sure what to expect.   The summons instructed me to casual but appropriate.  The world being what it is that statement could compel people to wear anything from pajama pants to full out suits, and believe me I saw both extremes and everything in between.

The first panel I was on for selection was a civil case.  I did not know who the plaintiff was and who the defendant was.  The Judge pretty much picked the first eight people on the panel and sent the rest of us to lunch.  Neither people were dressed to win.  You are not permitted to address them and they cannot communicate with you either, so you are only left with their visual appearance. If you are suing someone or being sued showing up in jeans and a tee shirt is not appropriate.  If a suit is not available to you, nice paints or khaki’s with a collared shirt or sweater is just as good.

In this type of situation you are not dressing to be stylish or trendy, but rather to project confidence in yourself.  If being stylish and trendy is something that is important to you then that will come out naturally no matter what.  The important thing is to be appropriate and show respect for not only a courtroom, but for where ever you might me, and most importantly showing some self-respect.   Every “look” and trend has a time and place.